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Sabatina Wellness is proud to introduce a new dimension called Pen-Walking to its portfolio. The aim of Pen- Walking is to cater to the growing demand among consumers for shoes that promote health and well being .

Those responsible for designing Pen-Walking nevertheless felt that it was important to do more than simply produce a copy of concepts already existed in the present market .Instead they have created an innovative concept that stands apart from the competition and offers consumers additional benefits.

Pen-Walking features an integrated dual stabilizer , which both guides the heel to toe movement and provides lateral stability .This will considerably reduces the risk of supination and pronation ,and are therefore great for people who are always on the move . The other advantage in particular is the amount of ENERGY SAVED during long walk

Another selling point in favor of Pen-Walking is the excellent value for money .The shoes are fashionable and constructed from high quality materials and feature leather upper .All Pen-Walking shoes comes with breathable and removable insole .
More shoes details, please visite the Product catalog,or find in a Pen-Walking store near you.
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