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PEN WALKING 3是設計為一對大眾化,但極具功能性的鞋,提升於日常生活中發揮;讓你幾乎忘記腳患;它能助你做到年輕時的事情,而且輕鬆自然,毫不費力。PEN WALKING 3 就是那麼不可思議。


PEN WALKNIG 3 is designed for commercial market price with incredible functions to improve the life styles. You might forgot the pains on your feet and knees. Helps you to do the crazy things when you were young.

Cow leather low-top sneakers in color. Round toe. Tonal lace-up closure. Logo embossed at tongue of shoes. Ultra-light sole. Tonal stitching. Upper: Cow leather. Sole:EVA.


  • Upper- Cow Leather

    Lining- Texile

    Socking-  Strongly arch support socking

    Outsole- Ultra light, non-slip EVA

  • 鞋面- 牛皮

    內里- 透氣布料

    鞋墊- 特強足弓承托、吸濕鞋墊

    鞋底- 超輕防滑膠料


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